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Getting Started

Hello and welcome to the ZaveIT Platform! When you sign in as a provider for the first time, your initial encounter will be with our Getting Started Wizard, designed to help you navigate your journey as an MSP (Managed Service Provider).

This wizard is interactive, allowing you to watch brief instructional videos for each step and giving you the option to configure settings right away.

Here you have the written version! This section will guide you through the crucial steps to establish your account, discover the platform's features, and keep building, selling, and managing your services. Let's dive right in!


We’re transitioning to a new UI, and are in the process of updating our ZaveIT Documentation content.

1. Personalize your system

Personalization of our platform is centered around the concept of whitelabeling, which allows users to customize the fundamental aspects of the platform's appearance and feel. This includes the ability to tailor colors, incorporate their own logo, and adjust other relevant settings to match their unique branding and identity.

Let's delve in and tailor your system to your liking

2. Configure payment settings

With our system, you're in control when it comes to your payment settings. Whether you want to change agreement lengths, adjust upfront payments, or tweak due times, it's all at your fingertips through your payment preferences. So, go ahead and tailor your payment setup to suit your needs effortlessly.

Discover how to configure your preferred settings

3. Build Services

Services represent the ultimate offerings that your customers will encounter. A service comprises your imported or pre-built products, along with value-additions such as deliveries, training, and contracts. Additionally, you have the option to craft different versions of your services, known as Editions.

4. Embed to your website

You can take things a step further and customize your product catalog that you've set up in the previous step. This way, you can give it a personal touch that aligns with your brand. You can seamlessly embed it right on your company's website.

Let's investigate ways to improve the accessibility of your services

5. Create customers and orders

Account management on the ZaveIT platform is primarily focused on providing top-notch customer care. Accounts and orders play a pivotal role in our system, serving as the foundation of the customer interaction process. They streamline the exchange of goods and services between your business and your valued customers.

6. Deploy your customer services

The deployment feature on our platform allows providers and customers to initiate the deployment of various services. This process involves selecting the target account, choosing the service to deploy, providing necessary credentials, and ultimately creating new resources under the chosen account.

Get the deployment process at your fingertips, and let's get rolling!