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ZaveIT Product Documentation


We’re transitioning to a new UI, and are in the process of updating our ZaveIT Documentation content.


Welcome to the ZaveIT Platform Product Documentation! This guide provides you with all the information you need to effectively use the ZaveIT Platform. Whether you are new to the platform or an experienced user, this documentation will serve as your go-to resource for understanding the various services and features offered by ZaveIT.

Intended Audience

This documentation is intended for businesses of all sizes seeking to optimize their cloud solutions and services. It targets decision-makers, IT professionals, and entrepreneurs interested in understanding how ZaveIT's all-in-one cloud platform simplifies operations, expands margins, and provides a competitive edge.

The documentation covers the customer portal, CRM system, order and billing, marketplace, support system, and RISC-management features, offering practical insights to help businesses make informed choices and maximize the benefits of ZaveIT.

Using this guide

This guide is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, and directly aligned with the navigation of the platform.

Each section of this guide begins with a concise introduction that gives you an overview of what you'll learn. Within each section, you'll find subjects and articles that offer a brief introduction, along with helpful illustrations and straightforward step-by-step instructions for carrying out various actions.

Our goal is to make navigating this guide within our platform as effortless as possible.

Getting Started

In addition to the complete product documentation, we're also giving you a Getting Started guide. This guide will make it easy for you, whether you're a service provider or a managed service provider (MSP), to kickstart your journey with the platform.

Take a tour in the Getting Started Guide